1. Centro Fanon

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centri etnopsichiatria,

1. Centro Fanon

Location:  Via Vassalli Eandi 18 – 10138 TurinPresentation:  the center was born in 1996, è the first center to be built within the Sanitar Service

Headquarters: Via Vassalli Eandi 18 –

10138 Turin Presentation: the center was born in 1996, it is the first center to be built within the Public Health Service in Italy. A year later the annexed Frantz association was born. Fanon. The research team
is coordinated by the ethnopsychiatrist Roberto Beneduce. Services:

– offers the Counseling Service Social support and psychotherapy for immigrants, refugees and victims of torture; works with
the help of ethnoclinical mediators;

– also provides support to operators, training and research activities and collaborates with various institutions and bodies at national and international level.

– offers support activities to the entire immigrant population: regular and irregular, videos and families, minors and adults, who have psychological problems, problems of hardship, psychosocial problems;

– carries out research and training activities on the issues of migration, health and disease, medical anthropology and ethnopsychiatry. On the basis of these researches, he provides advice to social and health workers who deal with immigrants.

Contacts: website http:  telephone: +39.011.70954214

CF 02092041207

P.Iva 03741671204




codice univoco: K0ROACV


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